The purpose of the pre-health aspect of AED is to provide members with unmatched opportunities to prepare them for their professional school of choice. It is a very versatile and flexible tenet of AED, since students have a lot of say in the types of events they want to see.


Study Hours​

  • 1 point, with a max of 3 points per semester

  • TUTORING: If you would like to tutor at study hours, you may be compensated 1.5 points per hour.

Article Discussions

  • Article Discussions and Ted Talks allow us to be up to date with current medical advances, public health issues, and important issues in the field of health.

  • 1 point for attending a discussion

  • 2 points for leading a discussion


  • We host several workshops throughout the semester, exposing students to different fields of interest, such as MCAT workshops and How to Get Research Experience

Professional School Tours

  • AED participates in medical and dental school tours in the spring semester. Schools we have toured in the past include Baylor College of Medicine, UT Houston Health Science Center, Texas A&M Health Science Center, UT Southwestern, Texas A&M College of Dentistry

Adult Students

The Princeton Review Scholarship

All members receive $200 off TPR test prep courses. Go into their office at Dobie Mall and tell them you are with Alpha Epsilon Delta.

AED received 4 half-off scholarships and 1 full scholarship throughout the year, which is awarded to students based on an application process.

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Standing Meeting

Health Professions Networking Event

This is one of our largest events of the year where we invite a wide range of different health professionals to a formal event in which members are exposed to different fields and can network with health professionals who work throughout the Austin area.

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Discussion Between Students

Shadowing Opportunities

We have a network of healthcare professionals who are willing to provide shadowing opportunities to our members. Shadowing matches are based upon availability and member application, and commitment is required. Applications are open at the beginning of every semester.