AED offers a great opportunity to shadow doctors within the Austin area if you are an active member. Please keep in mind:

  • Upon acceptance to the program, you will be allowed absolutely no absences from shadowing appointments without an excused reason. Excused absences include illness and emergencies, and no academic or extracurricular conflicts will be tolerated.

  • All accepted members matched to a health professional will attend a shadowing orientation time and location are TBD. 

  • Transportation will not be provided, so make sure you have a reliable way of getting to shadowing appointments before applying.

  • At least two five-hour blocks of time in your schedule are recommended and will increase your chances of being matched to a professional, and only one five-hour block is required to apply.

  • Nursing, Physician's Assistant, Optometry, and other fields of health professionals besides medicine are still in the process of recruitment and integration into the program. Those pursuing these fields are still encouraged to apply in order to be added to a waitlist for when slots become available.

  • For shadowing in Medicine and Dentistry only: Preferences are not in any way guaranteed, and the availability and ease of scheduling around the professional and student conflicts will take precedence when matching students.



  • pay dues

  • ACTIVE status

  • have reliable form of transportation


The application for shadowing for Fall 2019 is due on September 6th. If you are not accepted, don't freak out! We offer our shadowing program every semester, and we can also give you pointers to help you seek out your own shadowing opportunities.



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