Pledges are required to get 16 volunteer points, and actives must get 12 points. AED events are 1 point/hour and outside volunteer events are 0.5 points/hour. There are three ways to receive points:

Options for how you can get volunteer points:

You can utilize any combination of these opportunities to fulfill your volunteer point requirement. You can also get all of your volunteer points solely from regular volunteer events hosted throughout the year. These opportunities are released throughout the year and will be shared in the newsletter, meetings, and on the Facebook page. 

1. AED Normal Volunteer Events

  • You will receive 1 point/hour. Drivers receive an additional 1 point.

  • These are the more social volunteer events, where we will be working as a group to serve others.

2. AED Ongoing Volunteer Events

  • You will receive 1 AED point/hour, for a total of 4 points counted toward your total.

  • To ensure your service, you must submit the outside volunteer sheet with signatures from the coordinator of the place you are serving.


3. Outside Volunteer Events

  • You will receive 0.5 points/hour, for a total of 4 points counted toward your total.

  • You may count both outside and ongoing events together toward your 4 point total, but may not go above that.

  • To ensure your service, you must submit the outside volunteer sheet with signatures from the coordinator of the place you are serving.


If you sign up for a volunteer event, but have a legitimate conflict come up, you can fill out a volunteer problem form (link below) 48 hours before the event. If you realize you may not attend an event less than 48 hours in advance, immediately email volunteer@texasaed.org with your concern. If you do not attend an event that you signed up for without giving notice, you will be deducted in points by the amount that you would have received!


We offer many volunteer events throughout the semester to help you meet these requirements, so keep an eye out for them as they come. Be sure to sign up for events ASAP if you want to have a better chance of getting a spot!

Ongoing Volunteer Events:


Austin Partners in Education:

  • They are in need of Math Classroom Coaches

    • Volunteers work throughout the school year with an assigned group of students for 1 hour, once weekly, during the school day.

    • You will have teachers available to help you and APIE will provide all the resources and training.

  • Typically, it is an hour commitment per week (you are welcome to do more if you want) and it lasts for the majority of the semester.

  • This will count as AED hours, however there is a limit of 4 points to receive, since we want you to come out to the bigger, more social volunteer events as well! Please fill out the outside volunteer hours sheet with the signatures from the appropriate coordinator at the school in order to ensure that you attended the events.

  • If interested, sign-up on their form HERE

  • THEN, fill out this FORM  to let us know!


Mathews Elementary Tutor:

  • The Homework Center is offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It will provide supervised tutoring, available so that every student can complete unfinished classroom work and homework.

  • Time Commitment: One day a week, 3:00-4:00PM

  • Sign up on this FORM


Reading Aces:

  • Reading Aces is a program meant to help improve the literacy skills in East Austin communities by reading to elementary school students!

  • Time Commitment: once a week, for 45 minutes

  • Check out their website, Facebook page, or Youtube promo video.

  • If you are interested, sign up on this FORM.​

Outside Volunteer Events

Here are a few local hospitals we recommend to volunteer at, which may count as your outside volunteer hours.


  • Volunteering at hospitals regularly is a shining star on your professional school application! Not only will you get clinical & medical experience, being committed to a hospital shows your reliability and interest in the field.

  • Time Commitment: 3-4 hours in one block at the hospital.

  • PROTIP: Many of these hospitals are extremely popular in the Austin area & we advise you to sign up to volunteer at them as early as you can. There is paperwork, orientations, and vaccinations involved.

  • Dell Children’s Medical Center

  • Seton Medical Center Austin

  • St. David’s Medical Center 

  • University Health Services