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Every spring, Alpha Epsilon Delta hosts one of the biggest on-campus events of the year called Pie A President, a massive fundraiser benefiting Operation KidDocs. A group of pediatric surgeons travel each summer to Guatemala City to perform pro bono medical procedures for underprivileged children from across the country. On their May 2019 trip, the surgeons performed a total of 73 surgeries on 72 patients in less than a week, which means that 72 kids, who normally do not have access to sufficient healthcare, received at least some of the care they need. For more information regarding Operation KidDocs, please visit the Operation KidDocs page.

What happens at Pie A President?

At the Day Of event, student organization leaders and professors volunteer to get pied in the face in our final fundraising push of the year. The day is jam-packed with fun activities, music, food, and more! While it is a celebration of Texas AED's fundraising efforts for the entire year, Day Of also brings thousands of UT students together to participate and learn more about our cause.

Over the past four years, Pie A President has grown exponentially into the campus-wide event that it is today! Each year, we continue to find ways to improve our fundraising efforts which leads to us surpassing the previous year's fundraising total by an outstanding margin. We expect next year's Pie A President to be even bigger and better than before!


The success of our event each year could not be without our Pie A President Leadership. The leadership team consists of 7 committees: Event Fundraising, Member Fundraising, Business Outreach, Organization Outreach, Professor Outreach, Logistics, and Public Relations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at pieapresident@texasaed.org.

Chris Dinh

Executive Director

Skye Waterland

Event Fundraising Chair

Zeehan Dewan

Member Fundraising Chair

Vinay Shah

Business Outreach Chair

Siya Patil

Organization Outreach Chair

Meghana Karimisetty

Professor Outreach Chair

Prathi Selvapathi

Logistics Chair

Kaira Tran

Public Relations Chair

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Click through these slides to see the total funds raised in the past years!

Hi everyone! My name is Chris Dinh and I am honored to be the Executive Director for Pie A President 2021. My love and passion for this cause began my freshman year when I served as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Fall 2018 Pledge Project and on the Pie A President 2019 Public Relations Committee the following semester. From photographing the event in 2019 to running the 10th anniversary event in 2021, I can't wait to see all of the amazing things the Pie A President chairs, committee members, and the general members of Texas AED accomplish this year! If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding our event or Operation KidDocs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at vicepresident@texasaed.org!

Chris Dinh

Executive Director


Interested in Participating?



Help us reach our goal in getting 100+ participating organizations for Pie A President 2021! For more information on how YOUR student organization can get involved today, please visit the guide below. If you're looking to represent your organization at Day Of, fill out the interest form!



Help us reach our goal in getting 20+ participating professors for Pie A President 2021! For more information on how YOU can get involved today, please visit the guide below. If you're looking to make a contribution to our event, whether that be getting pied or donating, fill out the interest form!

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Interested in helping us fund our big event? Visit the guide below to learn of ways YOU can contribute to our cause today! If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us via email at